Beirut Sursock Museum Gift Box


This is the second of the BEIRUT CITY SERIES set, where you get to make the gorgeous Nicholas Sursock Museum of Modern Art near Achrafieh, complete with its magnificent grand stairs. The stairs are a marvel of architecture and of paper engineering, where you simply fold a piece of cardboard and it transforms into 3D!

The Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum is housed in Nicolas Sursock’s former residence, built in 1912. The Museum’s architecture integrates Venetian and Ottoman elements that were typical in Lebanon at the turn of the century. The Salon Arabe, where Sursock greeted his guests, remains intact. The hand-carved woodwork that makes up its walls and ceiling was imported from Damascus in the 1920s. Some of the mansion’s original tiles are still visible on the first floor of the Museum. In 1999, the building was classified as a class A historical building by the Directorate General of Antiquities.

The box contains enough pieces to build this museum, with plenty of urbs left over to build more structures.

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